I know what you are going through!

I had been with my fiancé for about 3 years when we got engaged. I was of the mindset that nothing was going to change: we already lived together, our dishes were merged, families had already met. And yet, I was completely wrong!

The second the ring slid over my finger, I instantly felt this phenomenon of expectation, pressure and confusion, and I felt very, very small!

Now, even after a decade of research, and in my conversations with nearly 200 brides, I can confirm that I am not unique in this experience. In fact, the ‘laser-like’ level of pressure that brides feel is as common an experience as choosing to carry a bouquet down the aisle.

Becoming the focal point for ALL the feelings and expectations of others around you during a wedding is intense! Mindfully Ever After is here to help you with these non-logistical parts of the wedding equation. Through our workshop, you get a set of skills that can help you navigate the difficulties that arise between the personalities you care about. Through ongoing conversations with other brides, you will feel less alone in the nitty-gritty and ‘shadow’ sides of this very personal transformation and rite-of-passage.

I want to help you become a compassionate She.E.O of your own wedding. I want to help you feel empowered and primed for joy, so that your wedding day is holistic and not superficial.
— Jaq Poussot