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I know what you are going through!

I had been with my fiance, for about 3 years when we got engaged. I was of the mindset that nothing was going to change when we got engaged. We already lived together, our dishes were merged, families had already met; and yet, I was completely wrong!

The second I got slid the ring over my finger, I instantly felt this phenomenon of expectation, pressure and confusion and I felt very, very small!

Now, even after a decade of research, in my conversations with nearly 200 brides, I can confirm that I am not unique in this experience. In fact – the “laser-like” level of pressure that brides feel is as common an experience as choosing to carry a bouquet down the isle.

Becoming the center focal point for the ALL the feelings and expectations of others around you during a wedding is intense! Mindfully Ever After is here to help you with these non-logistical parts of the wedding equation. Through our workshop, you get a set of skills that can help you navigate the difficulties that arise between the personalities you care about. Through the on-going conversations with other brides, you will feel less alone in the nitty-gritty and “shadow” sides of this very personal transformation and rite-of-passage.

I want to help you become a compassionate She.E.O of your own wedding. I want to help you feel empowered and primed for joy, so that your wedding day is wholistic and not superficial.
— Jaq Poussot

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