Wedding CEO | Workshop + Mini Retreat
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Wedding CEO | Workshop + Mini Retreat


Wedding CEO
Workshop + Mini Retreat

The wedding planning experience is intense! The second a ring hits your finger, you become the focal point for information, energy and decision making. If you want to feel empowered and confident in your abilities as a Wedding CEO, this workshop is the perfect groundwork for being present, compassionate, and aware of yourself and others on your path to Union. 

Think of this workshop as leadership training. Wedding planning presents lots of hands-on leadership challenges that call you to action and ask you to grow. Many of these challenges go unspoken by the culture at large, leaving brides feeling isolated and frustrated. Mindfully Ever After is like a compass, designed to help you feel prepared for what’s ahead - not by guessing what will come, but by learning to relax in the unknown.

Results you can expect include:

  •  Enriched relationships – with your fiancé and family!

  • Enduring relationships with your bridesmaids and inlaws

  • Stress Reduction

  • Understanding your own wants, desires & expectations

  • Improved sleep

This workshop is right for you if you are a bride who wants an enriching wedding experience. One that will help you unfold as a person into the leader that you desire to become. 


March 1st, 2019
Check-In at 3:00pm
Champagne Welcome Ceremony

March 2nd
9:30am-4:30pm Workshop
Workshop Workbook
Self-Care & Ritual Goodie Bag


(1) Night queen hotel room at the Halcyon Hotel | Cherry Creek (option to add an additional night)

  • Concierge Coffee & Wine Servie

  • Filtered Water

  • Grab & Go Bikes

  • Courtesy hotel car transportation in the neighborhood

  • Free High speed Wifi

  • Day pass to the botanical gardens


Day 1
Champagne and appetizers
Day 2
Hot breakfast
Tea & Coffee Service all day
Afternoon Snack

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